November 07, 2022

Puglia Travel Guide with Silvia Noviello

By Gabrielle Saifi
Puglia Travel Guide with Silvia Noviello

For our first travel guide, Sunclub has collaborated with Silvia Noviello to create a beautiful visual reference for traveling around Puglia, Italy. Silvia is a content creator from Tuscany, Italy. Her passion for photography and travel takes her around the Mediterranean. Through her platform, Silvia wants to share the beauty of Mediterranean nature. She love nostalgic feelings and is a fan of old Italian cinema. Federico Fellini is one of her greatest visual inspirations and favorite author is Antonio Tabucchi. For Silvia, beauty is not simply visual, it is a feeling. It’s a specific and brief moment when time seems to stop and you are simultaneously appreciating the perfection of the moment and already feeling nostalgic over it, because you know it will never come back again.

Silvia's favorite Sunclub Studio sunglasses are the Florence in color ways Fior di Latte and Black.

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