July 07, 2022

Artist Collaboration: Rachel Kim

By Gabrielle Saifi
Artist Collaboration: Rachel Kim

Our June | July artist collab is Rachel Kim, an emerging Australian artist and illustrator. In her paintings, you can feel the warmth of the sun as she captures the eternal bliss of summer holidays. She is also known to create whimsical and vibrant still-life paintings. Rachel loves to combine the intricate details of ink sketches with playful and expressive use of watercolours.

How did you get into painting?

Ever since I was little, I've always had sketchbooks and colouring pencils by my side. My mother is an art lover and I spent my childhood holidays exploring famous art galleries and exhibitions with her. Naturally, I became an art lover myself and grew a desire to create my own artistic sphere. I love how I can express the beauty of life without words through my art.     

What influences your style?

My style is greatly influenced by the art of the past. I am particularly inspired by the vivacity of life from the 19th century Dutch still-life paintings, and the portrayal of light from the Impressionists. I find that my style is ever-changing as I experiment with different subject matters and techniques.

Favorite place to travel?

I've been to many beautiful places around the world but nothing greets me more warmly than the Australian sun, especially when I've been away from home for a while.

Almost every summer I go to a small beach town called Noosa, a short drive from where my partner and I grew up. In this little gem of a town, you can enjoy a long walk by the coastline marveling at the surfers, as well as sunsets in the warmest oranges. I hope my painting of Noosa for Sun Club reflects my love for this special place. 

Advice for artists just starting out?

My advice would be to start by drawing anything that your heart desires with whatever resources you have. From there on, keep experimenting and keep immersing yourself in all forms of art to be inspired. 

Favorite Sunclub style?

Looking through the collection it is hard to pick my favourite, but it would have to be Sun Club style. I'm a sucker for classic and timeless designs!  

You can explore more of Rachel's art portfolio on Instagram @leaplingstudio.