October 28, 2019

4 Halloween costume categories that will get your wheels turning

By Gabrielle Saifi
4 Halloween costume categories that will get your wheels turning

Do you enjoy getting creative at Halloween? Do you try and push limits on creativity? It can be challenging coming up with something creative and different every year. I personally am competitive with myself- and try to out-do my costume from last year.  Thanks to the internet and social media, there are many resources for gathering inspiration. 

Here’s a Halloween treat for you: four categories that will definitely get your wheels turning.

Astrology inspired: I love all the faces of the zodiac signs posted on Buzzfeed, what a beautiful and creative costume idea that will be intriguing, as well as a great conversation starter. 

History inspired: There is only one time per year where you can dress up and be anything or anyone you want- you might as well pick someone truly amazing and inspiring in real life. I love the idea of dressing up as a woman who has changed history. Check out the article on Buzzfeed for their women from history costume ideas. 

Movie inspired: Movies have the power to inspire and change the world. Here are some great costume ideas from some of the great iconic movies of all time from this article on Popsugar.  

Art inspired: When it comes to creative costumes, what could be more creative than to bring art to life. A little Mondrian, Lichtenstein or how about Andy Warhol? Check out these great costume ideas inspired by artists posted on Vice.