September 25, 2019

What style of sunglasses should you wear? Style guide by zodiac sign

By Kristin Jacobson
What style of sunglasses should you wear? Style guide by zodiac sign

Are you obsessed with sunglasses but stumped on which style you should wear? There are so many choices, from trendy aviator styles to retro cat-eyed styles, from oversized to undersized, and so on. Choosing the right pair of sunglasses can be overwhelming. Maybe a quick glance at your zodiac sign will help.

Did you know that your sense of style can be linked to your birthdate? Your style, like your personality, is influenced by your culture and environment, but some people believe that your zodiac sign can signify key personality traits. 

We did some digging and investigated how accessories, namely sunglasses, can not only show your sense of style, but it can also be indicative of some core personality traits that may be predetermined by your zodiac sign. We will let you decide if it’s true for you 😊 

Aries- Aries is a fiery cardinal sign that likes to take action. They are ruled by Mars- the God of War, which might explain their fiery nature.  Their favorite color is Red. They rule the head, and they like you to know it too. They enjoy bold accessories that draw attention to their cheekbones and their ears. Sunglasses Match: Starlette in Flame

Taurus- Taurus rules the 2nd house of material goods in astrology. They like fine… everything. Fine materials, rich and luxurious textures. They are quality over quantity people and would rather have 1 pair of sunglasses that are classic vs 10 pairs that are trendy. They appreciate and care for the expensive goods they love to buy. (It’s no surprise our Fancy Troubles’ founder is a Taurus!)  Sunglasses Match: Moxie in Light Gold or Desert Sky in Gold

Gemini – Geminis are fun, need lots of stimulation and are never one to follow a crowd. They are very changeable and like to adapt to their surroundings, so you can imagine their fashion sense will follow suit. They enjoy making a statement, but will get bored pretty fast, and are very much into the moment. We wouldn’t exactly say they like cheap sunglasses, but unlike Taurus, they would rather have 10 different pairs to choose from. Sunglasses Match: Festival in Black/Gold or Starlette in White

Cancer – Cancers are conservative and shy in nature. They don’t like to stand out in a crowd, rather they wait, and when they feel comfortable, they reveal their true personality. Cancer styles tend to be traditional and they love a classic look. They also love vintage styles and things that are sentimental. Cancers tend to conceal their true emotions until they are comfortable, so sunglasses allow them to hide. They prefer dark lenses to better conceal the emotions behind their eyes. Sunglasses Match: Sunglasses Match: Festival in Black or Starlette in Black

Leo – Leos love to be the center of attention, and their sense of style is all about getting attention. They like designer labels, and they love to show off and be admired for their unique sense of style too! They are drawn to the color gold, so go for gold jewelry and of course, gold sunglasses. Leos are big and bold and larger than life, so their sunglasses should reflect that too. Sunglasses Match: Desert Sky in Gold or Moxie in Gold

Virgo – Virgos, like all the earth signs, are very practical in nature. Virgos also tend to be perfectionists. Whatever they wear needs to make sense, but also look good and coordinate with their entire outfit. They like tailored and classic clothing, and do not like anything that is too flashy or trendy. Sunglasses Match: Moxie in Silver or Desert Sky in Gold

Libra – Libras are ruled by Venus, and love to look glamorous. They want to be both comfortable and beautiful, and they have a knack for picking the exact right accessories to pull that off. Libras like soft and feminine items, even Libras men. They want to be elegant and sophisticated but make it look effortless. Sunglasses Match: Starlette in White or Circa '94 in Rose Gold

Scorpio  Scorpios are fearless and bold, and at the same time extremely perceptive. That being said, they don’t reveal their nature unless they totally trust you, so they like to be mysterious and dark. They take risks with fashion but prefer streamlined clothes or accessories that lend them an air of mystery. Sunglasses Match: Desert Sky in Silver or Circa '94 in Silver

Sagittarius – Sagittarians are a fun and bold fire sign. Similar to Aries and Leo, they like bold fashions. They are the life of the party and always looking to learn and travel. Their sunglasses choice will be bold as well. They love patterns- and interesting details that are uncommon and since they love exploring so much, new trends excite them. Sunglasses Match: Desert Sky in Gold or Circa '94 in Silver

Capricorn – Capricorns are very practical in nature. Things have to have a purpose and make sense. They want the very best in everything and they will get it!  They always want the highest quality in everything, and they are prepared to pay top dollar if it’s something they want. Capricorns, like Cancers, prefer the bygone days, so you will often see them in retro styles. Sunglasses Match: Starlette in Black or Desert Sky in Silver

Aquarius – Aquarians have a style all unto their own. They are trendsetters and love interesting and unique fashions. They do not want to look like they are part of the crowd- they literally “are” the crowd, so everyone else be damned. They love bright colors, and unique styles, and are drawn to sunglasses that stand out. Sunglasses Match: Starlette in Flame or Circa '94 in Gold

Pisces – Pisces are hopeless romantics. They are the fish of the zodiac and love anything that reminds them of the sea, like pastel colors, sea blue or greens. They have dreamy eyes and do not mind showing them off to the world. Sunglasses Match: Circa '94 in Silver or Festival in Black/Gold