Welcome to Sunclub Studio

Sunclub is a creative and collaborative space where eyewear meets the imagination. We collaborate with different artists, writers, illustrators, designers, chefs and photographers to create a new story for Sunclub. Features that hope to inspire you to create, travel and romanticize your life in subtle, everyday ways. Discover our collaborations here

All of our sunglasses are handcrafted in Italy and Poland at independent or family-owned factories. We personally know the people involved in bringing our eyewear sketches to life and create small, sustainable batches of original designs by Sunclub. 

We have recently rebranded and as an effort to stay true to our sustainable values, we are still selling our sunglasses with the original branding without changing the logos on each pair. Some sunglasses will have the original 'Fancy Troubles' logo and some will have the new Sunclub logo but still maintain the same quality unique style.